I don't think the fact that you're reading this, probably on the otherside of the world, and it cost me next to nothing to give you this information isn't celebrated enough. The web has made sending information or data, on which billion dollar business are built, for next-to-zero cost.

Sometimes it feels like the web was a huge disaster. We had Pandora's box and we didn't just open it – we tipped out the contents and smeared it all over the fucking walls. Who knew that 25 years ago, this little tool for sending emails and looking up naughty websites would be able to destabilise governments and hack elections?

But despite all the uglyness, I'm one of the select few (like you, probably) who have a different connection with the web. I still see the heavy ideals of open-source across the web. People working on things for other people – for free. The very thing that capitalism said could never happen, is now the same thing powering it's next bubble of growth. Ironic. Hidden behind the Twitter wars and the Facebook spying, there's still a beautiful core to the web that allows me to pour my thoughts into your brain without the need of censorship, distribution or editing from a third party.

A few weeks back I decicded to delete (or deactivate) my social media accounts and sit down to write this website. Like many of us, building a personal website was my first exploration into the creativity the web could unleash. The only barrier to learning would be a shitty modem and the ability to right-click 'View Source'.

The fact that I could see how geniuses made their websites with one click still amazes me. Imagine if you could go behind the scenes and see how The White Album was made or look at all the notes and thoughts Shakespear had for 'King Lear'. It's fucking insane and we're so lucky. It represents the best of human cooperation and before we all check-out of this life – I'd love to see that optimism and sense of wonder shot back into the web.

So here it is – my webpage. My portal into cyberspace. Because this felt like an ode to a more basic web, I decided to move away from a flash portflio website. No SPA. No React. None of that shit. Don't get me wrong, I love the modern web but I think if I'm going to get back to my roots, I should do this by hand. However, I'll still be using modern dev tools though.

I'm an idealist but I'm not insane.